Bella Hadid’S Chic & Simple Nail Inspiration: Minimalist Magic

Bella Hadid has become known for her effortlessly chic and minimalist take on beauty, especially when it comes to her nails. While some celebrities opt for increasingly elaborate nail art and designs, Hadid embraces a pared down aesthetic that is elegant in its simplicity.

Her nail style focuses on neutral tones, clean lines, and subtle details that allow her natural beauty to shine through. Whether she’s walking the runway or making appearances on her own time, Hadid’s nails are a lesson in less-is-more glamour.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the keys to Bella’s minimalist manicure magic and how you can recreate her chic nail looks at home.

Keep It Neutral

Bella Hadid is often seen rocking neutral nail polish shades that exude chic sophistication. Her go-to neutrals include soft pinks, nude pinks, beiges, and pale greys – colors that elongate the fingers and let Bella’s glamorous jewelry and designer outfits shine. She loves a good pale pink, like the Essie Nail Polish in Mademoiselle (, and will often do an all-over neutral manicure in a shade like OPI Nail Lacquer in Bubble Bath ( For Bella, neutral nails are a classic, elegant choice that complements her model-off-duty style.

The French Manicure

The classic French manicure has been a staple in the nail world for decades, but Bella Hadid has found ways to make this iconic look feel fresh and modern. Rather than the standard thick white tip French, Bella opts for a daintier “baby French” look with a super thin white strip near the tips of her nails. This creates a softer, more delicate effect while still nodding to the classic style. According to Popsugar, Bella will also sometimes add unique twists to her French manis, like using neon colors instead of white for the tips, or adding tiny designs for a subtle accent.

For her birthday in 2020, Bella turned heads with a glow-in-the-dark French manicure created by her go-to nail artist Mei Kawajiri, as reported by Allure. The futuristic fluorescence added an unexpected spin on the classic look. No matter if she opts for a traditional take or an inventive new version, Bella has a knack for making any French manicure look modern, chic and uniquely her own.

Negative Space

bella hadid is a master of using negative space in her nail designs to create a clean, minimalist look.
Bella Hadid is a master of using negative space in her nail designs to create a clean, minimalist look. She often opts for nude nails with just a pop of color or detail on one or two nails. For example, Bella wore a French manicure with all neutral nails except for her ring fingers, which featured a black tip (source). The simplicity lets the black polish make a statement.

Another go-to look for Bella is an all-nude manicure with minimal white or metallic accents on a couple of nails, like little stripes or dots (source). The majority of nails are left clean and blank as a base for the subtle designs. This creates a chic, understated nail look that still has Bella’s signature flair.

Minimal Accents

Bella Hadid is the queen of minimalist nail art. She often opts for subtle accents like an occasional pearl or stud rather than over-the-top nail art. This helps keep the focus on the clean, elegant shapes of her nails rather than distraction. According to Harper’s Bazaar, Hadid said, “I never do crazy nail art. I either do solid colors or French or super minimal art like one stripe or dots.”

Some of Hadid’s go-to minimalist accents include:

  • Tiny pearls or rhinestones on one or two accent nails
  • Mini geometric shapes like circles or triangles
  • Single stripes or basic polka dots
  • Sparkling studs on the ring finger

The key is keeping embellishments petite and sparse for a touch of subtle dazzle. Bella’s minimalist magic lies in the simplicity of letting her natural nails shine.

Short Nails

Bella Hadid is known for sporting a short, rounded nail shape. She typically keeps her nails trimmed to a length between her fingertips and mid-fingertip. According to Allure, Hadid’s signature short nails measure around 0.5 inches long.

There are several benefits to wearing short nails like Bella’s go-to length:

  • Short nails are less likely to break or chip, making them more durable.
  • Typing and texting are easier without long nails getting in the way.
  • Short nails allow you to still use your fingertips and conduct daily tasks with ease.
  • The shorter length is very on-trend and chic, giving a polished look.
  • Nail art and designs stand out more on short nails since there’s less surface area.
  • Shorter nails tend to look cleaner and more well-groomed.

Bella’s signature short nail length is the perfect way to keep nails looking chic yet functional for everyday wear.

Monochromatic Moments

Bella has an affinity for rocking monochromatic looks from head to toe. This often extends to her manicure and pedicure choices as well. According to Teen Vogue, in January 2020, Bella wore an all-black outfit and complemented it with an inky black manicure and pedicure. The monochromatic aesthetic looked incredibly chic. More recently, Bella opted for a pale peach manicure and pedicure to match her skin-tight peach dress and heels when out in New York City. Going monochromatic with her nails is a foolproof way for Bella to finish off her head-to-toe looks.

The Almond Shape

Bella Hadid is known for her edgy, almond-shaped nails. According to Allure, Bella keeps her nails filed into a delicate almond shape that complements her long, slender fingers. While an almond shape may seem intimidating to DIY, it’s easier than you think.

To achieve Bella’s iconic almond nails at home, start with clean, trimmed nails. Use a nail file to shape the tip of each nail into a rounded point, filing straight across instead of angling down, advises nail artist Steph Stone (via Pinterest). This creates the almond silhouette. Next, use the file to smooth the sides of each nail so they have a uniform curve, tapering up towards the tip. Finish by buffing each nail with a buffer block to remove any rough edges and seal the keratin for a glossy shine.

When doing your own almond manicure like Bella’s, take care not to overfile the nail tips – this can weaken nails and increase the likelihood of breaking. Keep nails at a length you feel comfortable with. With the right shape and care, you can rock Bella’s signature almond nails anytime.

DIY Tips

Achieving Bella Hadid’s chic minimalist manicure at home is totally doable with the right products and techniques. Here are some tips for getting her elegant, neutral look yourself:

Prep your nails by pushing back cuticles with a cuticle pusher or towel, then buffing nails lightly to remove shine. Apply a pH-bonder or dehydrator primer before gel polish for longevity.

For the neutral base, apply two thin coats of a sheer nude or pale pink gel polish, curing each coat under an LED or UV lamp. Avoid flooding cuticles and cap the free edge for a clean look.

If doing a French tip or half-moon, use a detail brush to paint on gel polish in your accent color. Cure between coats. Finish with a glossy top coat.

For easier application, use gel polishes designed for at-home use, like those from DipWell ( Their wider, self-leveling brushes give salon-perfect results.

Pro long wear, always prep nails properly, apply thin coats of gel polish, and use an LED or UV lamp for setting. With the right tools and technique, you can achieve runway-worthy minimalist nails!

Bella’s Go-To Manicurists

Behind many of Bella’s iconic nail looks are talented manicurists who have honed their craft. According to Vogue India, Bella frequently visits celebrity nail artist Mei Kawajiri when in New York. Mei is known for her creative nail art and minimalist designs. She has given Bella negative space white tips, chrome accents, and more.

Los Angeles-based nail artist Zola Ganzorigt is another one of Bella’s go-tos. Zola has created many of Bella’s glossy monochrome manicures and almond-shaped nails. She often uses neutral tones like nudes, whites, and pale pinks on Bella’s nails. Her signature style is chic, modern simplicity.

No matter the manicurist, Bella trusts her nail artists to deliver on-trend, editorial-worthy manicures that complement her modeling career. Their creative minimalism and flawless application are instrumental in achieving her effortlessly cool nail looks.

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