Guess The Celeb: Match The Nail Art To The Star – Test Your Knowledge!

Nail art has become an increasingly popular way for celebrities to express their personal style. From bold colors and patterns to intricate designs, celebrity nail trends offer inspiration for people looking to spice up their own manicures. In this fun guessing game quiz, we’ll take a look at some distinctive nail art from 5 different celebrities and see if you can match the design to the star.

Celebrity nail art gives stars a means to showcase their creativity and individuality. While some celebs opt for relatively simple polish colors, others go all out with eye-catching 3D elements, logos, and more. Lately, negative space designs, chrome nails, and abstract shapes have been particularly on trend. It will be interesting to see if you can identify who is rocking what nail art based on their signature style.

So whether you’re a pop culture fan, nail art enthusiast, or just up for a lighthearted challenge, test your knowledge of celebrity nail trends with this fun guessing game! See if you can match the nail design to the celebrity and get a perfect score.

Guessing Game Format

This fun quiz is formatted as an interactive guessing game where users will be shown pictures of celebrity nail art and have to guess which star it belongs to. The quiz works by displaying an image of unique nail designs and manicures, and providing a list of 4-5 celebrities as answer choices. Users simply review the nail art photo and select the celebrity they believe it matches. After submitting their guess, the correct celebrity will be revealed. This creates an engaging experience where readers can test their knowledge of celebrity culture and nail trends. With each round, users will be challenged to think about the nail art details and each star’s signature style in order to make the right match.

Some examples of the type of nail designs that may be included are: glittery nails, creative shapes and tips, stylized patterns and prints that reference the celebrity’s work, and even portraits or logos. The nail art will aim to capture an iconic or meaningful aspect of each star. The quiz is meant to entertain and make users think more deeply about how celebrities express themselves through unique manicure styles.

The simple, intuitive format allows anyone to enjoy the guessing game. No prior knowledge is required. The quiz focuses on fun over trivia, and readers will likely learn new details about celebrity nail trends they never noticed before. Each round gives users a fresh chance to make the right guess based purely on the nail design and celebrities provided.

Celebrity #1

This celebrity wore a graphic black and white zebra print manicure for a major red carpet event. The nails featured sharp stiletto tips and abstract zebra stripes in an edgy look. According to research from Harper’s Bazaar, graphic prints like this became hugely popular in the 2010s. This celeb’s manicurist is known for creating avant-garde nail art using bold colors and prints. The celebrity in question is known for taking fashion risks and making bold style choices on the red carpet.

black and white zebra print nails on a celebrity walking the red carpet

Celebrity #2

This celebrity wore an elaborate nail art look featuring 3D nail charms on long, square-shaped nails painted in a bright blue shade. The intricate charms include miniature guitars, stars, and flamingos. According to Harper’s Bazaar, this bold nail art look was worn in 2019 when the celebrity attended a music festival in California. Based on the musical guitar charms and the celebrity’s known attendance at this festival, it seems likely this look was worn by a famous musician or singer.

Celebrity #3

This celebrity rocked an eye-catching navy and white striped manicure by celebrity nail artist Tom Bachik to a press event in late 2021. The thin navy and white vertical stripes wrapped around her long oval nails gave a striking nautical effect. This fresh take on the classic french manicure matched her navy blue ensemble perfectly. The actress chose this bold striped design to go with a more conservative outfit for a playful contrast. Known for her long blonde locks, this star often wears chic and trendy nail art looks on the red carpet.

Mid-2000s French Pink Dip Tips

At the time of the release of her 2007 album Blackout, this famous popstar was often seen sporting her famously breathtaking French pedicure with a modern dip-dyed pink ombre effect. As referenced in articles by Harper’s Bazaar, pink and white French tips were very on-trend during the 2000s among young starlets. However, this celebrity made the look her own by adding the pink ombre dip, which added a sexy edge and amplified the femininity. Between the early-to-mid 2000s, she consistently rocked variations of this manicure, leading many media outlets to dub it one of her signature looks.

Known for performing in tiny sequined outfits and being an influential dancer, this celebrity’s dip-dyed pedicure became symbolic of her chic and sultry sense of style. The pink and white French pedicure conjures images of a sophisticated bombshell – feminine yet bold, classic yet current. As a trailblazing pop icon, her nail art aesthetics came to define mainstream beauty trends of the time. Though she went through tumultuous times in 2007, her show-stopping nails remained flawless.

Celebrity #5

This celebrity wore gorgeous chrome nails with red glitter tips to a high profile movie premiere in 2019. The chrome and glitter nail look was trending that year, with chrome nails being a futuristic take on the typical French manicure. According to Harpers Bazaar, chrome nails first became popular around 2018 and were frequently seen on celebrities on the red carpet. The red glitter tips add a fun, celebratory vibe. This celebrity is known for taking fashion risks and making bold style choices on the red carpet, so this edgy nail art fits her aesthetic perfectly.

In addition to her artsy manicures, this celebrity has become known for her music and acting career. She got her start on a popular kids TV show before transitioning into music as a teenager. She has since released several hit albums and earned Grammy nominations. She has also starred in blockbuster movies, showing her versatility across music and film. Her nails are just one way she expresses her creativity and sense of style.


Throughout this celebrity nail art guessing game, we’ve seen some incredible nail art trends from A-list celebrities in 2023. From Hailey Bieber’s glazed donut nails to Selena Gomez’s black liquorice manicure, celebrity manicures have dominated the past year. Some key nail art looks we covered included:

  • Lindsay Lohan’s nostalgic early 2000s French manicure tips
  • Kourtney Kardashian’s edgy black and red checkerboard nails
  • Zendaya’s elegant bejeweled manicure for the 2022 Oscars
  • Florence Pugh’s fun confetti nails with an abstract twist
  • Billie Eilish’s ultra long pointy stiletto nails

It’s been so interesting to see the creativity and trends in celebrity nails this year. From glamorous to edgy to retro, A-list manicures have shown there are endless possibilities when it comes to nail art expression. Which was your favorite celebrity nail art look? Let us know in the comments!


We hope you enjoyed guessing which celebrity went with each unique nail art design in this quiz! Let us know how you scored in the comments. Did you get them all right or were some of the nail art styles tricky to figure out? Feel free to challenge your friends and see if they can beat your score!

The creativity seen in nail art designs today is truly amazing. There are so many talented nail artists coming up with innovative looks for celebrities and everyday people alike. If you liked this quiz, be sure to check back as we may do more guessing games matching other nail art styles to the stars who have worn them. Put your knowledge of celebrity nail trends to the test!


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