Zendaya’S Euphoria-Inspired Nail Art: Reality Meets Fantasy

Euphoria has become a cultural phenomenon since its debut on HBO in 2019. The show explores mature themes like drug addiction, trauma, sexuality and identity among a group of high school teenagers. While controversial for its graphic depictions of sex, drugs and violence, Euphoria has resonated with younger viewers who connect with the raw, emotionally intense portrayal of teen experiences.

According to an article on Spectrumnews1.com, “Euphoria is HBO’s second most watched show behind Game of Thrones.” https://spectrumnews1.com/ca/la-west/entertainment/2022/09/08/the-cultural-impact-of-hbo-s-hit-show–euphoria-

The show’s experimental cinematography and stylized aesthetic has influenced fashion and beauty trends, especially among Gen Z. As noted in an article on Washcoll.edu, “Euphoria has amassed a large cultural following thanks to its different depiction of teenagers.” https://blog.washcoll.edu/wordpress/theelm/2022/02/breaking-down-the-cultural-phenomenon-of-euphoria/

Zendaya’s Character Rue and Her Style

One of the most iconic characters from Euphoria is Rue, played by Zendaya. Rue has an edgy, androgynous sense of style that reflects her brooding personality. She often wears oversized hoodies, vintage rock tees, and baggy pants in muted tones like olive green, grey, and brown (source). This gives Rue a laidback, skater-esque look.

Rue also experiments with graphic eyeliner and eye makeup, sometimes drawing bold graphic shapes around her eyes or doing a neon graphic cut crease look. Her makeup aesthetic is dark and moody, with a punk rock edge. Rue’s nail art tends to be on the simpler side, often just painting her nails black or dark colors.

Nail Art Trends Inspired by the Show

Euphoria has inspired some major nail art trends with its bold, dramatic beauty looks. Fans are recreating the show’s glamorous nail styles at home. Some of the biggest trends include:

Gold glitter nails – Rue and Maddy often sport glittering gold chrome nails. These eye-catching manicures use ultra-reflective gold polish or glitter overlays for disco ball-esque fingers. According to Pinterest, gold glitter Euphoria-inspired nails are a huge request.

gold glitter nails are an euphoria-inspired trend

Diamante accents – Tiny diamonds and crystals are used to embellish nails with some sparkle. Place them on one accent nail or use them more liberally for megawatt bling. This trend is great for creating palatial nails like Maddy’s.

Neon brights – Vibrant neon nails are big on the show and off-screen. Inspired fans are asking for eye-popping shades like hot pink, lime green, and electric blue. These playful polishes pair perfectly with the Y2K aesthetic. Jules often rocks colorful French tips.

Recreating Rue’s Graphic Liner Look

One of Rue’s most iconic beauty looks is her bold graphic eyeliner. Makeup artist Doniella Davy used a mix of products to create Rue’s dramatic winged liner and eye looks (sourcehttps://www.elle.com/beauty/makeup-skin-care/a28576614/euphoria-makeup-tutorial/).

To recreate Rue’s graphic liner, start by using a black gel eyeliner or liquid liner pen to draw the outline of the wing. Make sure to extend the wing past the outer corner of the eye for an exaggerated, retro look. Fill in the wing with more gel eyeliner and connect it to the upper and lower lash lines. For an intense glossy finish, go over the liner with a black eyeliner pencil.

For the lower lash line, draw a thick graphic line from the inner corner, extending down and outward. Connect it back up to the winged liner. Finish off by highlighting the inner corners with a bright white pencil liner. Using bold graphic shapes helps create the dramatic retro-style makeup that Rue rocks on the show.

Maddy’s Y2K Nails

One of the most iconic nail looks from Euphoria is Maddy’s pink and chrome French tips, embodying the Y2K aesthetic that has come back in style. Maddy, played by Alexa Demie, often sports lengthy square-shaped nails coated in bright pink or nude tones, with pearl accents and metallic chrome French tips. The shiny pearlescent beads and 3D charms add glamour and attitude to her manicures.

To recreate Maddy’s Y2K-inspired nails: first get long, square-shaped acrylic or press-on nails in a solid pink or nude. Next, paint on metallic chrome French tips using nail polish or nail strips. Accent with small pearls, glitter flakes, or rhinestone charms on one or two nails. Finish with a top coat for shine. The bold pink and chrome conjures the nostalgic trends of the early 2000s in a modern way.


Jules’ Glitter Tears

Jules is known for her ethereal style complete with glitter tears trailing down her face. To recreate this iconic Euphoria look, start by choosing a tear-proof glitter formula. A liquid glitter eyeshadow like the Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner or a glitter gel like the NYX Face & Body Glitter works best. Use an angled eyeliner brush to draw trails of glitter down from the inner corners of your eyes towards your cheeks. Let the glitter eyeliner set first before lightly blotting with a tissue to shear out the color. Then, use your finger or a small brush to smudge the line out slightly. This creates a diffused, teary effect. For extra impact, apply a highlighting shimmer on the highest points of your cheekbones and inner corners of your eyes. Finish the look with volumizing black mascara.

Cassie’s Romantic Nail Looks

Cassie’s nail art on Euphoria embraces soft and romantic designs, perfectly complementing her feminine style. Her manicures tend to feature nude, pink and coral tones accented with delicate flowers and pearls.

In season 2, Cassie sports almond-shaped nails polished in a pale pink. Tiny hand-painted flowers adorn several nails, adding a girly touch befitting her character’s affection for romance and fantasy. The floral details mirror the blossoming, though complicated, relationship between Cassie and Nate in the show.

Cassie’s affinity for delicate nails evokes her inner romantic. While the other characters express bold, graphic styles, Cassie keeps things soft and pretty. Her nail art remains consistent with the dreamy, rose-colored lens through which she views relationships. Even when emotions on Euphoria run dark, Cassie clings to beauty and innocence in her manicures.

Fans looking to recreate Cassie’s style should opt for light pinks, nudes and corals. Adding hand-drawn florals, pearls or subtle glitter creates a feminine Euphoria-inspired manicure. For more inspiration, see this example of her season 2 nails.

Kat’s Bold Beauty

Kat’s makeup in Euphoria is defined by bold, experimental looks that showcase her adventurous style. She often wears dramatic graphic eyeliner, glitter, rhinestones, and vibrant colors on her eyes that make a statement. Some key makeup looks from her character include:

– Thick black graphic cat-eye liner swept up into an exaggerated wing, paired with a bright eyeshadow look featuring yellow, pink, and blue – perfect for recreating her fun and artistic vibe. Use a black liquid liner to map out the shape, then fill it in. Add pops of color on the lid and lower lashline.

– A pink and purple ombre eye look with winged liner, pink blush, and glossy lips to achieve her flirty femme aesthetic. Sweep pink and purple shadows across the lids, blending up towards the brows. Line eyes with black liquid liner.

– Heavy black smokey eyes with rhinestones placed in the inner corners and lower lashline. Use black eyeshadow blended out to create a sultry smoky effect. Accent with silver or clear rhinestones near the inner corners.

– Vibrant graphic liner in a neon blue paired with a glossy nude lip. Use a colored liquid liner to draw on a graphic shape across the lid and wing it out. Keep the rest of the makeup minimal.

Kat’s bold makeup looks allow her to express herself and match her outgoing personality. Fans of her character can recreate her iconic styles using graphic liners, bright shadows, and rhinestone accents to achieve the creative Euphoria-inspired glam.

Source: https://www.tiktok.com/@sophiasglamworld/video/7070249947764919598

Tips for Achieving the Euphoria Aesthetic

The beauty looks on Euphoria combine experimental makeup with Y2K nostalgia to create a unique fantasy aesthetic. Here are some tips for achieving the Euphoria vibe with your own makeup looks:

Focus on graphic, colorful eyeliner shapes to make eyes pop. Use liquid liners in bright neons or pastels to trace shapes above and below your eyes. Complement with volumizing mascara on top and bottom lashes (https://www.elle.com/beauty/makeup-skin-care/a28576614/euphoria-makeup-tutorial/).

Load up on shimmery, metallic eyeshadows in palette with a mix of warm nudes, pops of color, and intense shimmers and glitters. The BH Cosmetics Club Tropics palette offers similar tones to the characters’ looks (https://www.glamour.com/gallery/euphoria-makeup-how-to).

Apply rhinestones and jewels around the eyes, cheeks and lips for an extra touch of Euphoria decadence. Use lash glue to adhere gently.

Try glossy, shiny lip colors that catch the light. Plumping glosses work well for a fuller pout.

Nail art is a fun way to recreate the manicures seen on the show. Use nude bases with colorful graphics in geometric shapes or rhinestone embellishments.

Finish every look by highlighting the high points of the face with radiant, luminous highlighters to create a spotlight effect.

The Fantasy and Escapism of Euphoria Beauty

The bold and experimental beauty looks featured in Euphoria offer an escape into a world of fantasy and imagination. For many viewers, especially teens and young adults, the show represents a chance to break free from societal expectations and embrace self-expression. As Donni Davy, Euphoria’s makeup department head, told Vogue, the makeup looks are meant to complement each character’s emotional journey and aren’t dictated by typical beauty standards.

This element of fantasy and escapism has struck a chord, especially after the isolation and stress of the pandemic. According to AddVerve, the experimental looks mirror a desire for playfulness over perfection as escapism dominates beauty. The show provides inspiration for pushing creative boundaries. For young viewers, Rue, Maddy, Jules, and others represent confidence in bucking expectations. Their makeup looks make a statement without being inhibited by rules.

While Euphoria depicts high school life in a heightened, dramatic way, the beauty and fashion offer a glimpse into unconstrained creativity. Fans can emulate the show’s aesthetic in their own style as a form of self-expression, fun, and fantasy. The looks make a statement while allowing personal imagination to run free. As viewers continue seeking inspiration and escapism, Euphoria’s beauty will likely continue influencing real-world makeup trends.

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