Beach-Ready Nail Inspiration From Your Favorite Stars: Summer Vibes

Summer 2022 is bringing lots of fun, bright nail inspiration perfect for the warmer months. From pops of color to beachy vibes, there are endless options to give your nails a fresh look. This article will provide an overview of the hottest nail trends for summer 2022, including short nails, bright colors, nautical styles, florals, glitters, French tips, negative space, and more. We’ll also look to celebrities for inspiration on rocking these fabulous nail trends.

So if you’re looking to upgrade your nails this summer, you’ve come to the right place. Read on for the latest nail inspiration to get your digits summer ready!

Short Nails

Short nails are perfect for the summer, especially if you’re heading to the beach. Long nails can easily break during summer activities like swimming, surfing, and playing beach volleyball. Short nails are much more practical and won’t get in the way of summer fun. According to Pinterest, short nails are an ideal beach nail design.

Shorter nails also allow you to show off fun, bright summer nail art without it feeling overpowering. The short length keeps the designs looking cute and fresh. For beach vacations, short nails painted with nautical themes, palm trees, shells, and tropical prints capture the summer spirit. The shorter length also means less surface area to cover, so you can easily repaint your nails multiple times throughout the summer without much hassle.

If you want to be able to fully enjoy beach and pool activities on your vacation, consider a chic short nail design. You’ll be able to make a splash without worrying about your manicure.

Bright Colors

Neon and pastel nail polish shades are perfect for embracing the bright, fun vibe of summer. Vibrant colors like hot pink, neon yellow, and minty teal reflect the playful attitude of the season. According to Vibrant Blue Nails for a Refreshing Summer Look, lighter, brighter shades of polish help nails “pop” and complement summery outfits. For inspiration, check out the Morgan Taylor Summer Feel The Vibes Collection, which features vivid neons perfect for the beach. If you’re seeking to make a statement this summer, go for eye-catching brights on your fingertips.

Nautical Nails

Nautical-themed nails are perfect for capturing the essence of summer at the beach. Nautical nail art often features anchors, ropes, compasses, ships, and waves to evoke the feeling of being out on the open ocean. To get the nautical look, opt for navy blue, bright red, crisp whites, and golden yellows in your nail polish and designs.

Anchors are one of the most popular nautical symbols seen on nails. Try a simple white anchor on a navy base or go bold with 3D gold anchor charms. Rope detailing is another fun way to add a sailing vibe, whether it’s wrapped around the tip of the nail or trailing down the side. Don’t be afraid to get creative with ocean waves, sea creature accents, and colors that pop like turquoise.

To really channel the nautical spirit, paint alternating nails with horizontal red and white stripes or blue and white stripes like a sailor shirt. Add some navy polka dots, gold stripes, or even a captain’s ship wheel for extra flair. No summer mani is complete without some shine, so be sure to top it off with a layer of clear glitter, iridescent seashells, or touch of sparkling topcoat.

Floral Prints

Flower and tropical prints are a huge trend for summer nail art. Floral designs like daisies, roses, hibiscus, and more are popping up on nails everywhere. These bright, colorful prints exude summer vibes and are perfect for the season. Some popular ideas include waterfall nail art with flowers cascading down the nail (source), bold tropical prints, and delicate petite floral patterns. The options are endless when it comes to floral nail art. You can keep it simple with a single flower on an accent nail or go all out with full floral prints on every nail. This versatile trend allows you to get as creative as you want.

Glitter Nails

glitter nails with bright, vibrant colors embrace the summer spirit
Bring on the shimmer and sparkle with glitter nails this summer! Nothing says vacation and fun in the sun quite like glitter nails in bright, vibrant colors. Bold, glittery nails are a hot trend this season according to major fashion publications like Vogue (–350647520998698792/).

Glitter polish adds an instant pop of color and shine to your look. Go for an all-over glitter polish or do an accent nail with glitter for a more subtle look. Silver and gold glitter are classic options, but don’t be afraid to try bolder glitter shades like bright pink, blue, or purple. The possibilities are endless!

Incorporate different sizes of glitter, from fine shimmer to chunky glitters. Layer glitter over other polish colors to create a fun multidimensional effect. Try glitter French tips, glitter gradients, or glitter on just one or two nails for easy nail art. Glitter top coats are also a quick way to add sparkle to any mani.

Let your glitter nails shine all summer long! Just be sure to use a good top coat to smooth and seal in the glitter. With the right products and techniques, your glitter mani will stay put for days of beach trips and summer fun ( Glitter nails are the perfect way to embrace the spirit of the season!

Minimalist French Tips

French tips are a classic summer nail look that never goes out of style. This season, give the iconic french manicure a fresh, minimalist update with subtle twists.

Opt for a sheer, neutral base color like beige, pale pink, or ivory for a clean and modern background to the white french tips. Keep the tips thin and understated for a sophisticated look. Aim for tips that are just 1-2mm thick (cite:

To add interest, try alternating between thick and thin tips, or making the tips slightly rounded instead of straight across. Another fresh take is to blend the french tips by feathering the white over the base color so there is no harsh line.

Finish with a shiny top coat for a flawless, glossy french manicure that looks elegant yet effortless. Keep nails short or medium length to let the chic minimalist tips take center stage.

Negative Space

Negative space nail art has become a huge trend for summer manicures. It involves painting a clear or sheer base on the nails and then adding art with gaps of empty space showing through (source). This creates a minimalist, modern look that’s perfect for the warm weather. Some creative negative space designs include:

  • Rainbow tips – Paint the tips of your nails with bright colors like red, orange, pink, green, blue, and purple, leaving a gap between each one and a clear base showing through (source)
  • Geometric shapes – Use tape to create triangles, circles, squares, or other shapes on a few accent nails.
  • Abstract lines and squiggles – Get creative with squiggly, curved, or geometric lines in a bright color over the clear base.
  • Minimalist flowers – Outline simple floral shapes like daisies on the tips or sides of nails.
  • Hidden messages – Write out words, letters, or phrases in thin lines on different nails so they’re subtle and partially hidden.

The empty negative space allows the pops of color and art to really stand out. It creates an eye-catching yet minimalist look for summer.

Celebrity Inspiration

Stars are always on the cutting edge of the latest nail trends. Check out these celebrity summer nail inspirations for vacation-ready vibes:

Kylie Jenner showed off long, pointy orange nails for a tropical look. The bright neon color looks like a summer pop. Jenner completed the beachy vibe with white sand under her nails for a creative touch (source).

Rihanna sported short, white stiletto nails edged with navy blue and gold studs. The nautical theme evokes sailing adventures and beach vacations. Rihanna’s eclectic accessories and jewelry paired perfectly with her maritime nails (source).

For music festival season, Dua Lipa chose long pointy nails with negative space cosmic and floral prints. The purple, green, and blue colors create a psychedelic manicure that’s perfect for summer concerts and parties (source).


This summer is all about embracing bright, bold nail colors and designs. From energetic neons to nautical stripes, floral prints, and glitter, the hottest trends are fun and vibrant. Simple French tips with a modern twist or clean looks with negative space are chic minimal options. Look to your favorite celebrities for inspiration on rocking these exciting nail art trends. Recapping the top looks – short nails, pops of color, beachy vibes, and sparkle are what you need to nail your manicure this season.

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