Embrace The Seasons: Nail Color Trends Inspired By Nature’S Palette

Nature has a profound impact on many aspects of our lives, including beauty and fashion trends. As the seasons change from spring to summer to fall to winter, the natural world shifts dramatically in color and mood. These seasonal transformations inspire new nail polish shades and color stories that align with the spirit of each season.

This article explores how nail trends take their cues from nature’s palette. Throughout the year, popular nail lacquer hues tend to complement the colors dominating the landscape and reflect seasonal joy or coziness. By embracing these seasonal shades, we can stay connected to the natural rhythms around us and express them through our manicures.

From lush spring pastels to rich autumn tones, we’ll examine the gorgeous nail colors aligned with each season and how to wear them. We’ll also cover trending year-round polish hues, Do-It-Yourself seasonal manicures, the psychology behind color choices, and why nail color trends so closely mirror the changing seasons.


Spring is a time of renewal and rebirth in nature. This is reflected in the pale pastel shades that are popular for nail polish this season.1 Light pinks, minty greens, and creamy yellows evoke the colors of flowers blooming and baby animals being born. These soft, delicate tones complement the more colorful fashions that emerge in spring.

Pastels like ballet slipper pink, mint macaron, and lemon chiffon yellow perfectly capture the essence of spring. These light, bright colors reflect the increasing sunshine and lengthening days of the new season. Painting your nails with pastels can uplift your mood and make you feel fresh along with nature.


Summer nail colors tend to be bright, playful shades that evoke images of vacation and sunshine. Popular trends for summer manicures often include neon and pastel hues, with an emphasis on corals, aquas, and bold citrus tones. According to Refinery29, some of the most requested nail polish colors for summer 2023 include “Aperol orange to lavender haze.”

Neons and bright shades are quintessential summer nails. Think hot pink, electric yellow, lime green, and vibrant purple. These fun, eye-catching colors represent the energy and warmth of summer. Consider painting an accent nail in a neon hue against a neutral background for a playful pop.

Aqua nail polish is perfect for summer, calling to mind cool ocean waves. Try a pastel seafoam green or robin’s egg blue for a subtle take on the trend. For bolder aqua nails, go for a rich teal or bright turquoise shade. Adding iridescent glitter can give the effect of light dancing across the sea’s surface.

Corals and oranges really capture the essence of summer. Fiery shades like tomato red, tangerine, peach, melon, and terra-cotta look great with a golden summer tan. For a trendy option, Bustle recommends a creamy “marigold ochre” polish (https://www.bustle.com/style/summer-2023-nail-polish-color-trends). Not quite neon but still playful, corals and oranges are vibrant and energetic.

corals and oranges capture the vibrant, energetic essence of summer


According to experts, fall is the time for earthy tones and rich, jewel-inspired shades that reflect the changing leaves. Allure recommends colors like deep merlot, chocolates, and oxblood reds, as well as shades like “oak bark” and “bourbon.” For a fun manicure, Cosmopolitan suggests painting different fall-inspired nail art on each nail, like gold leaf details, cinnamon stick stripes, or pumpkin accents.

Look for shades like “Terracotta Orange” that evoke the colors of autumn leaves, as recommended in this Allure article. Classic forest greens and hunter shades also capture the lush evergreens of the season. Don’t be afraid to experiment with vampy shades like “black cherry” and “bittersweet,” which add drama and richness to your manicure, according to Cosmopolitan’s fall nail color guide.


In winter, nature’s palette shifts to deeper, darker hues. Jewel tones come into vogue when the weather turns cold. Rich shades like emerald green, royal purple, and sapphire blue reflect the colors found in winter landscapes. Metallic nail polishes also gain popularity as they evoke a sense of icy glamour.

Glittery nail colors add some festive sparkle for the holiday season. From understated nude glitters to bold red and green shades, glitter nails provide the perfect amount of shimmer. Pair glitter tips with a dark base for an elegant wintry manicure. For New Year’s Eve, go full-on glitter in champagne or silver hues.

While bright colors have their moment, deeper more moody shades tend to dominate winter nail trends. Plums, burgundies, and charcoal greys reflect the cozy, enveloping essence of winter. Avoid pastels and go for vampy shades that ground your look during the colder months.

Popular Year-Round Colors

Despite the changing seasons and trends, there are some nail polish staples that remain beloved all year long. Classic reds, soft nudes, the timeless French manicure, and that little black dress for nails never seem to go out of style.

Reds, from cherry to wine to crimson, are enduringly popular. As Southern Living notes, “There’s just something sophisticated about red nails.” Red allows you to make a bold, glamorous statement regardless of the season or occasion.

Nude nail polishes are delicately pretty and universally flattering. From pale pink to cafe au lait, nudes complement every skin tone. They create a clean, natural look or minimalist base for nail art. The nude manicure will always be a mainstay in manicure menus.

No nail roundup would be complete without the classic French manicure. With its pale base and white tipped edge, the French mani is feminine and elegant. It works for the office, date night, and everything in between. Reinvent it with colorful tips for a fresh take.

Lastly, the “little black dress” of nail colors, black polish is always in vogue. Edgy yet classic, black nails pair well with any outfit. Black polish allows you to make a bold statement and show off your creativity with designs, glitter, embellishments, and more. Black nails are timelessly chic.

Following the Seasons

Changing up your nail polish colors with the seasons is a fun and easy way to stay on trend and embrace the seasonal colors in the natural world around you. Here are some tips for switching up your nail color palette throughout the year:

  • In spring, look for pastel shades like light pink, lavender, mint, peach, and sky blue. These soft, delicate colors reflect the feeling of renewal and new beginnings.
  • For summer, go for bold, bright shades that pop against summer tans like coral, tangerine, lemon yellow, or cherry red. These fun colors match the playful vibe of summer.
  • In fall, look for richer, warmer tones like burgundy, forest green, cinnamon, plum, and burnt orange. These jewel tones mirror fall foliage.
  • For winter, explore deep tones like black, navy blue, emerald green or vampy wines and purples. These dramatic colors complement winter wardrobes.

You can also match your nail color to upcoming holidays and events throughout the seasons like pastels and florals for springtime weddings or batik prints for summer music festivals. Get creative and have fun with it!

Switching up your nail polish with the changing of the seasons is an easy way to keep your manicures feeling fresh. It also allows you to reflect the beauty of nature and the seasonal activities you enjoy in the colors on your nails.

DIY Seasonal Manicures

One fun way to embrace the seasons through your nails is by doing easy, seasonal nail art at home. With just a few supplies, you can give yourself a salon-quality manicure inspired by the colors and motifs of the current season. Here are some creative ideas for DIY seasonal nail designs:

For spring, try pastel colors like light pink, mint, or baby blue. Add delicate flowers, leaves, butterflies, or dot details. According to nail artist Sydney White, neutral nudes with pops of color like yellow or light green echoes spring’s emerging blooms (https://www.lemon8-app.com/sydneywhiteugc/7220769173813772805?region=us).

Summer nail art can feature bold, bright colors like coral, tangerine, or turquoise. Add sunshine details, watermelon slices, or ocean waves. Use glitter polish to evoke summer sparkle. Warm metallics like gold also complement summer style.

Deep reds, purples, oranges and earthy neutrals reflect fall’s rich colors. Stamp maple leaves, acorns, or pumpkins over a dark polish. Add gold, copper or burgundy foil for a fall twist. Dark greens, browns and maroons will give a moody, autumnal look.

For winter, go for deep plums, emeralds, frosty silvers or blues. Snowflakes, snowy trees, and metallic crystals or glitter create icy cool winter nail art. Paint snowmen, sweaters, or mittens over a neutral base for a cozy winter manicure.

Get creative and let the seasons inspire your at-home nail art. With a few simple techniques and seasonal details, you can give yourself a stylish manicure that celebrates the current time of year.

The Psychology of Color

Color can have a profound effect on our moods and feelings. Certain colors evoke different emotional responses, and some researchers believe these responses are rooted in our instincts and culture. Red, for example, signals passion and love, while also representing anger and aggression (Color Psychology: Does It Affect How You Feel?). Warm colors like red, orange, and yellow are energizing and uplifting. Cool colors like blue, green, and violet have calming and relaxing effects. Pink elicits feelings of nurturing and love. Color psychology has been used extensively in marketing, interior design, art, and other fields to evoke desired moods.

Color meanings can vary across cultures, but research has identified some universal emotional responses. Green seems to represent nature, restfulness, stability, and endurance globally. Blue is linked with concepts of trust, security, and calm (How do colors in my home change my mood?). Black absorbs and hides light, creating a sense of mystery, fear, or emptiness in some contexts. White provides purity, cleanliness, and can represent new beginnings. The feelings evoked by certain colors should be considered when selecting nail polish colors – both for oneself and for others.


As we’ve explored, nail polish colors can be used to reflect the changing seasons and connect us more deeply to the natural world. In spring, pastels and bright tones reflect blooming flowers and revitalizing light. Summer brings hot oranges, yellows, and neons reminiscent of sunshine and beachy vibes. For fall, deep reds, wines, and earthy neutrals mirror autumn leaves and cozy sweaters. In winter, we go bold with jewel tones, metallics, and moodier hues.

Embracing these seasonal shades allows us to harmonize our style with the beauty happening outside our windows. So don’t be afraid to switch up your nail color palette throughout the year. Experiment, have fun, and let your manicure be inspired by the magical seasons unfolding around you.

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