Spring Forward: Refreshing Trends For A New Season

As winter gives way to spring, it’s time to refresh your look and welcome the new season. This spring brings an exciting array of trends across fashion, beauty, home decor and more. Florals start to bloom, pastels and neon brights lend pops of color, and silhouettes turn airy and fluid. Sustainability remains at the forefront, with eco-conscious practices and natural materials rising in popularity.

In the world of fashion, look for lots of lightweight fabrics like linen and soft knits, dainty florals and abstract prints, voluminous sleeves and dresses, and accessories like big statement earrings and headbands. Beauty-wise, expect fresh, glowing makeup with a focus on flawless, dewy skin and pops of color on eyes and cheeks. Home decor sees greenery take over with leafy motifs, plant-filled spaces and botanical colors. Overall, spring 2022 trends provide the perfect inspiration to breathe new life into your look and space.

Color Trends

The Pantone Color Institute has released its Fashion Color Trend Report for Spring/Summer 2023, highlighting the hottest color palette predictions for the upcoming spring season across fashion and home decor (source). The report forecasts a move towards more optimistic and joyful colors that blend escapism with reality. Key colors include Raspberry Sorbet, a vibrant pinkish-red that evokes cheerfulness, Cream Whip, a warm and nurturing off-white, and Green Ash, an earthy and grounding hunter green. These reflect a need for comfort and reassurance, as well as a longing to connect with nature. On the fashion front, expect to see these colors dominating the spring runways and retailer collections. For home decor, these colors will emerge in everything from furniture to wall paint. Overall, the spring 2023 color trends represent a refreshing restart as we enter a hopeful new era.

Fabric & Texture Trends

This spring, natural fabrics like linen, cotton, and silk are back in style and dominating the runways according to Spring 2023 Fabric Trends – High Point Furniture Market. Linen is especially popular for its breathability, durability, and relaxed look. Designers are showing linen in light, natural tones like ecru and oatmeal as well as in bold saturated colors.

Textured fabrics like bouclé, crochet and macramé are also having a major moment this season according to Pinterest’s report on Spring 2023 Fabric Trends. Crochet and macrame lend a handmade, artisanal look and feel to garments and home decor. Bouclé adds cozy texture and visual interest.

Seersucker, a breezy striped fabric, is poised for a comeback in the spring/summer of 2023 according to 2023 Spring and Summer Fabric Trends. Its lightweight, crinkled texture makes it perfect for the warmer weather. Designers are showing it in dresses, suits, and accessories.

Silhouette & Shape Trends

This spring, silhouette and shape trends are all about ease and effortlessness with a refined yet relaxed aesthetic. Flowing, draped fabrics in maxi lengths are dominating the runways. These billowy silhouettes provide a sense of lightness and movement perfect for the warmer months ahead.

Slouchy wide leg pants are making a comeback, offering a laidback alternative to skinny jeans and leggings. They provide a slouchy, comfortable shape while still remaining polished. High-waisted, wide leg styles help elongate the legs for a flattering effect.

Oversized blazers and jackets are forecast to be everywhere this season. These roomy styles contrast with the form-fitting options of seasons past for an avant-garde look. Oversized outerwear creates bold, dramatic shapes when paired with wide leg pants or long, flowing dresses.

The mini skirt shape continues its reign this spring with tennis skirts and ruched styles leading the charge. Mini skirts offer a flirty, feminine silhouette for the warmer weather. Pairing these leg-baring hems with oversized tops helps balance proportions.

In summary, easy, non-constricting shapes define the spring 2023 silhouettes. From billowy maxi dresses to slouchy wide legs, clothing emphasizes freedom of movement and relaxed polish ideal for the transitional weather (https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=R8p1Vvg-zo4).

Accessory Trends

Accessories are an easy way to refresh your look for spring without completely overhauling your wardrobe. Some of the top accessory trends this season include:

Statement earrings are having a major moment this spring. Oversized hoops, colorful chandeliers, and sculptural styles make a bold accent. According to Vogue, “ear party starters come in sculptural, maximalist silhouettes for those looking to make an entrance.” https://www.vogue.com/article/spring-2023-accessory-trends-beyond-bags-and-shoes

Headbands and hair accessories like scrunchies and clips are back to add a playful, youthful touch to any hairstyle. Floral designs, pearls, and colorful patterns are popular this spring.

Handbags are making a statement with details like raffia, whimsical shapes, romantic florals, and bold hardware. Expect to see lots of color, texture, and personality.

a woman smiles wearing a flowy floral print dress outdoors in the sunshine, with flowers and greenery in the background

Shoes are taking on sculptural silhouettes, block heels, and standout colors. Metallic leather, cutout details, and platform soles are also trending for spring.

piles, textures, asymmetry, and natural materials like wood, shells, and beads are popular details for jewelry and accessories this season.

Beauty Trends

Explore new makeup and hairstyle trends for spring. Neutral, glossy makeup is forecast to be a popular trend this season according to Fashion Magazine. Expect to see sheer lip glosses and high-shine skin.

Metallic eyeshadows in soft champagne and rose gold tones will also be on trend, creating a radiant and luminous look according to The Budget Fashionista. Pair metallic lids with a fresh rosy blush for an ethereal glow.

Statement eyeliner looks are forecast in bold colors like cobalt blue, as reported by Hello Magazine. Try an intense cat eye flick with pops of color for a fun pop of color.

Embraceeffortless undone hairstyles like soft waves or messy buns this spring. Add texture sprays for natural volume and movement. Statement hair accessories like pearl embellished claws and printed scrunchies are also predicted to be popular this spring.

Home Decor Trends

Home decor in spring 2023 is embracing natural, organic materials and a relaxed aesthetic according to design experts. Rattan and wicker furniture are making a comeback, bringing a laidback bohemian vibe into living spaces. Soft neutrals like off-white, ecru, and beige will dominate color palettes, creating a calming oasis inside the home. Plants and floral motifs will also be prominent as biophilic design continues its popularity (The Zoe Report). Textured linens and tactile surfaces like bouclé, terracotta, and macramé provide cozy elements. The spring decor trends reflect our desire for our homes to be an escape from the stresses of daily life.

In the kitchen, warm wood cabinetry provides a natural look, while tiles in organic shapes and textures like fishscale add visual interest. Vintage elements like enamelware containers and distressed finishes give a thrifted appeal (Pinterest). Overall, the home decor trends this spring favor laidback luxury with natural materials and a relaxed color palette.

Garden & Floral Trends

This spring, gardens are embracing sustainable practices and natural beauty. Some of the hottest trends include native plants, eco-friendly containers, and foraged decor.[1] Native plants are low maintenance and support local wildlife, making them a win-win for any garden. Upcycled and natural planters like terra cotta and rattan help connect gardens to their natural surroundings. Foraged finds like feathers, pinecones and smooth stones add organic texture as decor.

Florals are taking cues from nature too. Expect to see loose, wildflower-inspired bouquets in organic shapes and colors. Dried and preserved blooms are also popular for their sustainability. Arrangements may incorporate food and herbs for added fragrance and meaning.

Sustainability Trends

Sustainable and eco-conscious fashion is a major trend for spring 2023.1 Consumers are becoming more aware of the environmental impact of fast fashion and are looking for more ethical and sustainable options when shopping. Some key trends in sustainable fashion for spring include:

  • Increased use of recycled and upcycled materials – Brands are finding creative ways to turn waste into fashionable pieces. Expect to see fabrics made from recycled plastics, upcycled vintage clothing reworked into modern styles, and renewable materials like bamboo and pineapple leaf fiber.
  • Greater transparency – Consumers want to know where and how their clothes are made. Brands will provide more information on supply chains, production processes, and materials to meet the demand for transparency.
  • Circular business models – Rental, resale, repair, and recycling models will gain popularity as alternatives to the traditional take-make-waste model. These circular models prolong the life of garments and reduce waste.
  • Vegan leather and furs – Ethical vegan leathers made from plants, recycled plastics and innovative new materials provide animal-free alternatives to traditional leather and fur.
  • Lower impact dyes – Natural plant-based dyes and lower impact synthetic dyes reduce the pollution caused by traditional textile dying.

The sustainable fashion movement will continue to gain momentum this spring. Consumers increasingly want their fashion choices to align with their ethics and reflect care for the planet.2


In summary, the spring 2023 fashion and lifestyle trends offer many refreshing ways to renew oneself for the new season. From invigorating colors like bubblegum pink and neon green, to cozy natural fabrics and fluid silhouettes, there are many options to embrace change and self-care. Sustainable practices also continue gaining traction across categories. As we bid adieu to winter, consider incorporating some of these rejuvenating trends into your wardrobe, beauty routine, and living space. Welcome spring as an opportunity to bloom into your best self!

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