Diy Nail Polish Storage Ideas For Small Spaces

As nail polish collections grow, finding a place to store them neatly can become challenging, especially for those living in small spaces. Traditional nail polish racks can take up a lot of room on bathroom counters or drawers. Stacking bottles on top of each other can make it hard to see all the color options. Thankfully, it’s possible to maximize even the smallest areas with clever DIY storage solutions.

This article will explore nail polish organization ideas using common household items. With a bit of creativity, small spaces can accommodate sizeable polish collections. The projects detailed here provide inspiration for crafty solutions that keep nail polish in easy reach.

Hanging Shoe Organizer

One of the easiest DIY solutions for nail polish storage in small spaces is using a hanging shoe organizer. You can hang a shoe organizer designed for closets on the back of a door or mount it to a wall. The pockets are perfectly sized to store nail polish bottles upright. This helps prevent leaking and keeps the colors separated and organized.

Shoe organizers come in different pocket sizes, so you can look for one that fits standard nail polish bottles. Typically the tall, thin pockets work best. Hang the organizer horizontally to keep each bottle upright. You can label the pockets or arrange them by color family. The see-through vinyl makes it easy to identify the shades. As your collection grows, simply add another shoe organizer.

Hanging shoe organizers are inexpensive and easy to install with hooks or over-the-door hangers. They’re made of durable canvas or vinyl that holds up well. The portable design makes this a great storage solution for dorms or small bathrooms too. You can take it with you when you move or remove it when needed. It keeps your nail polish visible and within reach, while freeing up drawer and shelf space.

Magnetic Spice Racks

Magnetic spice racks typically used in the kitchen can easily be repurposed into a wall-mounted nail polish bottle organizer. The magnetic base allows the racks to attach securely to any metal surface, like refrigerators or metal storage racks. The tiered racks provide plenty of space to neatly store nail polish bottles of various sizes.

Look for magnetic racks with adjustable shelves so you can customize the space between shelves to fit different sized nail polish bottles. Make sure to get spice racks that are sturdy and can hold the weight of nail polish bottles. The magnets should be strong enough to keep the racks mounted securely.

Mount the magnetic racks vertically onto a metal wall, shelf, or pegboard to save space. Arrange by color or brand to keep your nail polish collection organized. The racks can also be mounted horizontally above a desk or vanity. Just be sure they are high enough not to obstruct your work surface.

Magnetic spice racks are an inexpensive and customizable way to store nail polish in small spaces. Their versatility allows them to be mounted almost anywhere that works for your storage needs. Keep your nail polish collection tidy while also freeing up drawer and shelf space.

Wall-Mounted Shelves

A simple and effective DIY nail polish storage solution is to install small wall-mounted shelves or ledges to neatly display your collection. You can mount these shelves on any wall with available space, such as above your vanity, desk, or dresser. The shelves provide an easy way to access each nail polish bottle while keeping them organized and dust-free.

wall-mounted shelves provide easy access to organized nail polish bottles

When selecting shelves, opt for those made of clear acrylic or glass so you can easily see all the colors BBHW. Shelves with smooth, raised edges will help prevent bottles from slipping off. Look for shelves available in small sizes, like 3 to 5 inches wide, to properly fit nail polish bottles. For a cohesive look, choose shelves in the same size and material.

Before installing the shelves, measure the area you plan to place them and determine the ideal spacing between each shelf. Mark the mounting height, then use proper hardware to securely attach the shelves to the wall. Place them high enough to be easily reachable. Then neatly line up your nail polish bottles by color family or most used.

Rotating Makeup Organizers

Rotating makeup organizers are a great DIY solution for storing nail polish in small spaces. They maximize the use of vertical wall space by storing polish bottles vertically and allowing you to spin the organizer to easily see all the colors.

To create one, install a lazy susan turntable on the wall and attach small shelves or racks around the edge. Make sure the shelves are deep enough to securely hold bottles of nail polish upright. You can find lazy susan hardware online or at hardware stores.

Cut pieces of wood, acrylic, metal or other materials into rectangles to attach around the edge of the lazy susan as shelves. Make the height a bit taller than nail polish bottles. Drill pilot holes and attach the shelves with screws.

Paint or stain the DIY rotating organizer to match your decor. Then screw the lazy susan hardware directly into wall studs for secure mounting. Load up your nail polish collection on the shelves, and you’ll be able to easily see all colors and grab the one you need while maximizing storage.

Repurposed Kitchen Storage

One creative way to store nail polish is by repurposing common kitchen items like mugs, utensils, and under-cabinet storage. Mug holders or tree make a great vertical storage solution for nail polish bottles. Simply place them upside down in the slots for easy access and visibility of color choices. You can find mug trees and holders at many retail stores for an inexpensive storage solution.

Utensil trays or cutlery trays also work well for holding nail polishes in a drawer or on a countertop. The divided sections keep bottles neatly organized and separated by color or brand. For a fun look, seek out vintage divided trays for a shabby chic style. Under-cabinet spice racks installed horizontally provide neatly divided sections for nail polish while freeing up drawer space. Install them using adhesive hooks or screws for easy access.

For more nail polish storage inspiration using repurposed kitchen items, check out this article: Smart and Stylish Nail Polish Storage Ideas.

Drawer Organizers

Repurpose unused drawers to store your nail polish collection and keep it neat and organized. Look for small drawer organizers or dividers that can fit inside a dresser or cabinet drawer. These allow you to group nail polishes by color, finish, brand, or whatever categories work for you. Plastic drawer organizers with adjustable dividers are inexpensive and easy to find. For a more stylish look, try acrylic or wood drawer inserts. Measure your drawer dimensions first to find an organizer that will fit perfectly inside. This keeps your nail polishes visible and within reach while maximizing vertical storage space.

Wall-Mounted Crates

Wall-mounted crates are a fun and functional way to store nail polish in small spaces. You can mount inexpensive wooden or plastic crates directly onto the wall to instantly create open shelving. Crates come in a variety of colors and sizes, allowing you to coordinate with your existing decor. Arrange the crates in geometric patterns or staggered layouts for visual interest.

To install wall-mounted crates, first determine the layout and measure the area. Mark the crate locations on the wall with a pencil, using a level to ensure they will be straight. Drill pilot holes in the back of the crates if needed, then attach them securely to wall studs using screws or sturdy hardware. Make sure the crates are mounted level and will support the weight of full nail polish bottles.

Once mounted, arrange your polish collections inside the crates creatively. Try sorting by color or brand. You can also store nail art supplies like striping tape, rhinestones and glitter inside. The see-through crates allow you to easily view everything at a glance. Optional acrylic risers lift bottles up for easier selection. Wall-mounted crates are an inexpensive storage solution that keeps nail polish organized and displayed attractively.

Acrylic Displays

Acrylic risers or tiered clear displays are a great way to neatly organize nail polish bottles while showing them off. Acrylic displays allow you to see all the gorgeous colors at a glance. They also prevent bottles from getting knocked over or dusty.

Look for acrylic organizers designed specifically for nail polish. These come with adjustable shelves perfectly sized for various bottle shapes. Or you can use general acrylic risers sold for makeup, jewelry, or other small items. Stack two or three risers on top of each other for a fun layered effect.

For the most visibility, acrylic nail polish displays look best on top of dressers, vanities, shelves, or countertops. The transparent material guarantees your polishes will sparkle. And the display becomes an eye-catching focal point wherever you place it.

Acrylic organizers are affordable and easy to find. Check stores like Target or container sections in Walmart. Also browse Amazon or specialty cosmetic sites for a wide selection. With an acrylic tiered stand, your impressive nail polish collection will finally get the spotlight it deserves.


In summary, some of the best DIY nail polish storage solutions for small spaces include wall-mounted shelves, hanging shoe organizers, magnetic spice racks, rotating makeup organizers, and repurposed kitchen storage like utensil holders or mason jars. The benefits of these DIY options are that they maximize vertical storage, keep nail polish organized and visible, and often utilize materials you already have at home. Wall mounting shelves or racks is ideal for small bathrooms since it gets the nail polish off the counter and floor. Hanging shoe organizers are great for fitting in narrow spaces like corners or behind doors. Spice racks work nicely for displaying nail polish like artwork. And any repurposed home items like jars make for inexpensive storage. With a little creativity, it’s easy to find cute DIY solutions for organizing nail polish, even in tight spaces.

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